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In this paper, we address the problem of road obstacle deletion. We propose a method based on an active and intelligent sensing strategy. A sensor composed of a range finder coupled with a (charge-coupled-device) CCD camera is used. This sensor is mounted in front of a vehicle. The basic idea is first to determine 2D visual targets in intensity images of(More)
Traditional techniques of human motion analysis use markers located on body articulations. The position of each marker is extracted from each image. Temporal and kinematic analysis is given by matching these data with a reference model of the human body. However, as human skin is not rigidly linked with the skeleton, each movement causes displacements of(More)
The present work is a study of cross relaxation between water and collagen by NMR pulse techniques. This cross relaxation experiment is easy to set up for NMR spectrometers and gives further information supplementary to other experiments. Relaxation parameters derived from this method provide a sensitive means of monitoring the hydration-dependent behaviour(More)