Joseph A. Turner

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Postmenopausal osteoporosis in women is characterized by an increase in bone fragility and risk of fracture. In addition to transmenopausal decline in three-dimensional trabecular bone architecture, changes in intrinsic material properties (local stiffness, damping, and hardness) may contribute to increased bone fragility. In this study, nanoindentation was(More)
Chondrocytes, the cellular component of the articular cartilage, have long been recognized as strain-sensitive cells, and have the ability to sense mechanical stimulation through surface receptors and intracellular signaling pathways. This strain-induced biological response of chondrocytes has been exploited to facilitate chondrocyte culture in in vitro(More)
Plant development results from controlled cell divisions, structural modifications, and reorganizations of the cell wall. Thereby, regulation of cell wall behaviour takes place at multiple length scales involving compositional and architectural aspects in addition to various developmental and/or environmental factors. The physical properties of the primary(More)
Diffuse ultrasonic backscatter measurements have been especially useful for extracting microstructural information and for detecting flaws in materials. Accurate interpretation of experimental data requires robust scattering models. Quantitative ultrasonic scattering models include components of transducer beam patterns as well as microstructural scattering(More)
The scattering of elastic waves in polycrystalline materials is relevant for ultrasonic materials characterization and nondestructive evaluation (NDE). Ultrasonic attenuation is used widely to extract microstructural parameters such as grain size. Accurate interpretation of experimental data requires robust scattering models. Such models typically assume(More)
Expressions for the attenuation coefficients of longitudinal and transverse ultrasonic waves are developed for steel with pearlitic microstructure. This type of lamellar duplex microstructure influences attenuation because of the lamellar spacing. In addition, longitudinal attenuation measurements were conducted using an unfocused transducer with 10 MHz(More)
We present a quantitative method for determining the viscoelastic properties of materials with nanometer spatial resolution. The approach is based on the atomic force acoustic microscopy technique that involves the resonant frequencies of the atomic force microscopy cantilever when its tip is in contact with a sample surface. We derive expressions for the(More)
The plant actin cytoskeleton is an unstable network of filaments that influences polarized growth through poorly understood mechanisms. Here, we used a combination of live cell imaging and finite element computational modelling of Arabidopsis trichome morphogenesis to determine how the actin and microtubule cytoskeletons cooperate to pattern the cell wall(More)