Joseph A. Prahlow

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Only two types of human hair roots (proximal ends) derived from decomposing scalps are reported in the literature. The most common representation of the putrid root includes a postmortem dark root band in published photomicrographs. In this study, 22 cases were reviewed in which there was reliable time of death documentation from medical investigator(More)
Both osteoporotic fractures and pleural effusions are frequently observed in medicine. However, rarely does one associate a hemorrhagic pleural effusion with a thoracic spinal fracture when the patient has not sustained massive trauma. In this paper, we discuss two cases where seemingly insignificant low-energy trauma precipitated massive haemothoraces in(More)
Detailed neuropathologic examination was performed on a 47.5-year-old man with an unusual adult-onset dementing illness. His initial symptoms were those of depression, memory loss, and personality change. He developed progressive cognitive decline with prominent psychiatric symptoms. Seizures began approximately 11 months prior to death and he died 5.5(More)
Perinatal autopsies present forensic patholgists with a variety of challenges, not the least of which involves the removal and examination of very small and sometimes fragile organs. Removal of the immature brain can be particularly troublesome. Even if great care is taken during brain removal, one is often left with no more than a semifluid amorphous mass(More)
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