Joseph A. Mason

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The contact hypothesis predicts that cooperative interaction with members of a disliked group results in increased liking for those members and generalizes to more positive attitudes toward the group. The authors sought to provide evidence consistent with the hypothesis that contact affects attitude in part by eliciting a more positive portrait of the(More)
Optical ages for eolian sands from the Nebraska Sand Hills indicate periods of extensive eolian activity at ca 115725, 840770, 23007240, and 35607340 a. Activity was also noted at single sampling locations at ca 61807370, 84307510 and 131107800 a. Many of these ages are similar to those noted by earlier authors. Optical ages from samples collected within(More)
Spring-summer winds from the south move moist air from the Gulf of Mexico to the Great Plains. Rainfall in the growing season sustains prairie grasses that keep large dunes in the Nebraska Sand Hills immobile. Longitudinal dunes built during the Medieval Warm Period (800 to 1000 years before the present) record the last major period of sand mobility. These(More)
This study examined the effects of selected elicitation variables on phonational frequency (Fo) range in normal adults. Twenty men and 20 women responded to five audiotaped tone conditions: (a) discrete steps, (b) slow steps, (c) fast steps, (d) slow glissando, and (e) fast glissando. These stimuli were devised to elicit each person's maximal and minimal(More)
Selected elicitation conditions were manipulated to determine their effect on fundamental frequency (Fo) range estimates in children. Forty normal children each responded to five autiotaped tone conditions: (a) discrete steps, (b) slow steps, (c) fast steps, (d) slow glissando, and (e) fast glissando. These tonal stimuli were devised to elicit each child's(More)
Loess grain size data used to infer transport direction or wind strength are generally derived from vigorously disaggregated samples. However, these data may not adequately represent the effective particle size distribution during loess transport, if the transported dust contained aggregates of finegrained material. Thin sections of minimally altered C and(More)
At the Wave, a photogenic landform on the Utah–Arizona border, modern, southwesterly, sand-carrying winds abrade the Navajo Sandstone. Abundant trains of centimeter-scale, transverse, upwind-facing treads and risers cut sedimentary structures at a high angle. Central to the formation of these erosional steps are crusts produced by microbes lying just(More)
Patterned metal films have been shown to possess unique optical properties resulting from the excitation of surface plasmon polaritons at the patterned metal surface. Here we demonstrate spectrally selective thermal emission from patterned steel substrates. The materials and processes used in this work were chosen for their potential scalability to(More)