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Contrast enhanced computed tomography (CT) scans of 59 patients with subarachnoid hemorrhage were evaluated for intracranial aneurysms. After prospective study, the CT results were compared with angiography. Depending on the location, the CT detection rate varied from a low of 36% for the internal carotid artery complex to a high of 76% for anterior and(More)
Selective cases have been presented to demonstrate the usefulness of computed tomography in disorders of the spine and spinal cord. The osseous structures are more readily demonstrated than the soft tissues. The cord is difficult and inconsistently identified. However, cystic lesions (syringomyelia) may, at times, be demonstrated. The transverse projection(More)
S SUBMITTED FOR CONFERENCES AND WORKSHOPS Aytug, T., M. Paranthaman, S. Kang, H.-Y. Zhai, S. Sathyamurthy, H. M. Christen, D. K. Christen, and<lb>R. E. Ericson, “Assessment of Insulating LaMnO<lb>3<lb>and Conductive La<lb>1–x<lb>A<lb>x<lb>MnO<lb>3<lb>(A = Sr,Ca)<lb>Perovskites as Single Oxide Buffer Layers for YBa<lb>2<lb>Cu<lb>3<lb>O<lb>7–δ Coated(More)
Trauma to the extremities is sometimes dismissed as relatively unimportant in certain radiologic circles. In many instances, radiologic responsibility is denied and relegated to the orthopedist. Although the radiologic manifestations of much trauma to the extremities is clear cut and does not require sophisticated techniques or interpretation, there are(More)
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