Joseph A Kotarba

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We apply a symbolic interactionist framework and a qualitative methodology to the examination of the everyday reality of translational science research (TSR). This is a growing scientific movement that aims to facilitate the efficient application of basic research to clinical service design and delivery. We describe the emerging culture of translational(More)
In symbolic interaction, a traditional yet unfortunate and unnecessary distinction has been made between basic and applied research. The argument has been made that basic research is intended to generate new knowledge, whereas applied research is intended to apply knowledge to the solution of practical (social and organizational) problems. I will argue that(More)
The development of leadership and project management skills is increasingly important to the evolution of translational science and team-based endeavors. Team science is dependent upon individuals at various stages in their careers, inclusive of postdocs. Data from case histories, as well as from interviews with current and former postdocs, and those(More)
Although many observers still assume that rock ’n’roll is essentially a feature of youth culture, the author argues that it is a key feature of adult culture and a primary source of everyday meanings for the first generation raised on it. The concept of the existential self, which focuses on the situational and evolving aspects of individuality in a rapidly(More)
The purpose of the present study is to suggest a revision of the team science concept to the more inclusive extra-territorial research team (ETRT). Translational thinking is largely marked by the perception of the team as a thing-like structure at the center of the scientific activity. Collaboration accordingly involves bringing external others (e.g.,(More)
Establishment of nursing centers is one of the most important and most exciting trends in the profession of nursing. Nurse practitioners have been taking the lead in the management and staffing of nursing centers. The purpose of this study was to provide a description and an analysis of an academic nursing center. Through a series of observations and(More)
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