Joseph A. Chinn

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Exposure of blood to an extracorporeal circulation, such as CPB, causes a variety of physiological responses. Haematological derangements are just one of many potential dangers to the patient who undergoes CPB. The paradox of CPB-related problems with the haematological system is that there are some factors tipping the balance towards a bleeding tendency,(More)
This study compares and contrasts mechanisms of polyetherurethane (PEU) degradation m vitro and in vivo. Models comprising incubation with hydrogen peroxide in vitro (H202). m vtvo subcutaneous rat implant (SUBQ). and subcutaneous rat cage implant (CAGE) are described and compared with in vivo degradation of the pacemaker lead device retrieved after human(More)
The mechanical extensibilities of stage IVb Phycomyces were measured before and after a humidified wind stimulus. We find that when the humidity of the wind is greater than that of the ambient air, there is an increase in the mechanical extensibility of the cell wall. We also find that a step decrease in wind humidity results in a decrease in the mechanical(More)
PURPOSE Despite the prevalence of silicone hydrogel (SiHy) contact lenses, there are relatively few studies that evaluate the efficacy of multipurpose lens care solutions (MPSs) in reducing lipid deposition on these lenses and the effect of rubbing on the removal. Therefore, we used an in vitro soaking and rubbing model to compare the effectiveness of(More)
Integument Technologies, Inc., (ITI) has developed a new infusion method that allows metals, metal oxides, and organic materials to be controllably grown within the internal structure of almost any polymer, thereby affecting both surface and bulk properties. This new nano-technology permits a polymer composite material to be easily modified for specific(More)
Since the introduction of valve replacement surgery, research has aimed at creating a prosthesis that is safe, durable and effective. Neither of the two broad groups of valve currently available is ideal. A prosthetic valve is needed that does not suffer from the known disadvantages of calcification and premature failure (bioprostheses), and thrombogenicity(More)
The introduction of silicone hydrogel (SiHy) contact lenses to the consumer marketplace necessitates study of the susceptibility of these lenses to spontaneous deposition by hydrophobic lipid components of ocular tears. The use of radioisotopes to measure lipid sorption on SiHy contact lenses gives precise and accurate results but requires institutional(More)
The role of fibrinogen in mediating platelet adhesion to polymers exposed to blood plasma was studied by comparison of the effect of plasma dilution on fibrinogen adsorption and platelet adhesion, and by the use of coagulation factor deficient plasmas. Polyetherurethane substrates were first preadsorbed with dilute plasma, then contacted with washed(More)
Poly(ethylene terephthalate) (PET) has been reported in literature to be moderately inflammatory and thrombogenic. To moderate the inflammatory response, PET fabric was surface modified by either Fluoropassiv fluoropolymer (FC), or an RGD-containing peptide (RGD). Samples were subsequently autoclave sterilized and implanted subcutaneously in Sprague Dawley(More)
Residence time-dependent changes in fibrinogen after adsorption to six different polyurethanes were examined by measuring polyclonal antifibrinogen binding to the adsorbed protein. The amount of adsorbed fibrinogen that could be eluted by sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS) was also measured. Baboon fibrinogen was first adsorbed from dilute plasma to the polymers,(More)