Joseph A. Bucaro

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ÐMultiaspect target identification is effected by fusing the features extracted from multiple scattered waveforms; these waveforms are characteristic of viewing the target from a sequence of distinct orientations. Classification is performed in the maximum-likelihood sense, which we show, under reasonable assumptions, can be implemented via a hidden Markov(More)
We present a novel extension of standard magnetic resonance elastography (MRE) measurement and analysis methods, which is applicable in cases where the medium is characterized by waveguides or fiber bundles (i.e., muscle) leading to constrained propagation of elastic waves. As a demonstration of this new method, MRI is utilized to identify the pathways of(More)
Identification algorithms are considered for a class of targets situated near the bottom of a water channel. It is assumed that the target-sensor distance relative to the channel depth is such that a ray-based representation of the scattered fields is appropriate (vis-à-vis a modal representation). Two approaches are considered for processing the scattered(More)
A numerical study is carried out to evaluate the effectiveness of using measured surface displacements resulting from acoustic speaker excitation to detect and localize flaws in a domed, plaster ceiling. The response of the structure to an incident acoustic pressure is obtained at four frequencies between 100 and 400 Hz using a parallel h-p structural(More)
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