Joseph A Bailey

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Self-esteem is a simplistic term for varied and complex mental states pertaining to how one views oneself. It takes but little research in the voluminous literature to see the vagueness and inconsistencies in its various definitions. Even more problematic is the uncertainty concerning its foundational components. The importance of having a solid definition(More)
Observation, research, experimentation, and verification are the foundational processes giving rise to principles. Principles imply fundamental truths upon which rest knowledge, learning, and teaching. Knowledge and principles are memorialized by and disseminated through words. The denotative word meanings must be agreed upon in order that principles and(More)
In ancient Greece there was a group of philosophers called Physikos. They were noted for gaining their knowledge of nature from thinking rather than studying it first hand. From these thoughts they taught biology and medicine, and were called doctors ("to teach "); their students, "physicus", or physician. Physicians who worked with their hands were called(More)
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