Josep-Tomàs Navarro

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An improved purification method for isolating an immunosuppressive fraction from uremic ultrafiltrates was described. Lyophilized ultrafiltrates were fractionated on Sephadex G-15 and the active fraction was further purified using high-performance liquid chromatography. The inhibitory effect of eluates on in vitro lymphocyte proliferation was assessed at(More)
Mepacrine, papaverine, p-bromophenacyl bromide and 2,3-dibromo(4'-cyclohexyl-3'-chloro)-phenyl-4-oxo-butyric acid (CB 874) inhibit the hydrolysis of phospholipids induced by thrombin in dog platelets. They also exhibit anti-inflammatory and anti-aggregant properties. These biological activities may be explained by a direct or indirect inhibitory action on(More)