Josep Santamaría

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Microsatellite variation (CAG and GGC repeats) of the androgen receptor (AR) gene shows remarkable differences among African and non-African populations. In vitro studies have demonstrated an inverse relationship between the length of both microsatellites and AR activity. This fact may explain the observed association of the AR gene with prostate cancer and(More)
The islands of the West Mediterranean have played a central role in numerous archaeological, historical and anthropological studies due to their active participation in the history of main Mediterranean civilisations. However, genetic data failed to fit in both their degree of internal differentiation and relationships. A set of 18 Alu markers and three(More)
INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVES To assess the clinical characteristics and management of infective endocarditis at a teaching hospital without cardiac surgery facilities. METHODS Descriptive case-control study looking at trends. Risk factors, the occurrence of complications, the rate of referral for cardiac surgery, and the mortality rate were assessed. (More)
The debate over the legalization of drugs should be encouraged so that an appropriate and acceptable strategy can be formulated. Any policy should be based on the available data which should not be used selectively to establish an ideological position. Ultimately, the policy should be determined by what outcomes are considered to be the most desirable,(More)
Liver biopsies obtained from 100 alcoholic patient attending a clinic primarily for the management of their alcoholism, have been reviewed. The morphological appearances have been correlated with histories of alcohol consumption and with clinical and biochemical findings. There were 77 men and 23 women. Eight biopsies appeared normal, 62 showed fatty liver(More)