Josep Roig García

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BACKGROUND Laparoscopic surgery has been shown to provide important advantages in comparison with open procedures in the treatment of several malignant diseases, such as less perioperative blood loss and faster patient recovery. It also maintains similar results with regard to tumor resection margins and oncological long-term survival. In gastric cancer the(More)
Gallstone ileus is an infrequent surgical emergency that nevertheless represents a not insignificant percentage of occlusions of the small intestine without strangulation. We present a retrospective study of 21 years (1980-2000) in 40 patients. Mean age was 76 years and most of the patients (85%) were women. Mean age and associated disease increased(More)
Accidental ingestion of foreign bodies is fairly common in the general population. However, recurrent, deliberate ingestion of foreign bodies associated with continual abdominal self-mutilation with blunt objects is extremely unusual. We present the case of a young woman with an underlying psychiatric disorder who repeatedly presented to the emergency(More)
Congenital diaphragmatic hernia of Morgagni-Larrey is a rare entity that usually presents on the right side. These hernias, occurring in the anterior midline through the sternocostal hiatus of the diaphragm, are usually discovered incidentally when the patient has reached adulthood, or when they become symptomatic due to intestinal involvement (occlusive(More)
Amebiasis is an infectious disease produced by Entamoeba histolytica, which has invasion capacity of the colon mucosa. It has different clinical forms, varying from the asymptomatic carrier state to severe, although not frequent, fulminant or necrotizing colitis, with an important necrosis of the colon mucosa. Perforation or intestinal bleeding are(More)
The authors present their experience with Spiegel's hernia and a series of seven cases, three of which debuted as intestinal occlusion. On four occasions the hernial content was appreciated, only one of which required resection. The diagnostic procedures most commonly used in this pathology are noted and it is concluded that sonography offers high(More)
Retroperitoneal haematoma during anticoagulant therapy is a rare cause of abdominal pain. Over the past five years, five cases of retroperitoneal haemorrhage, two of them due to heparin and three to oral anticoagulant, were diagnosed in our hospital. All patients presented with abdominal pain and a mass. The authors conclude that a high degree of suspicion(More)
We report 12 cases of thoracic esophageal perforation diagnosed during the last seven years. Management was nonsurgical in 2 patients and the rest were treated surgically. Primary repair and drainage were performed in 2 patients, and 7 patients underwent suture of the perforation and bipolar exclusion using nonresorbable staples. The remaining patient was(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether a relationship exists between bowel perforation and seat belt use in patients presenting abdominal trauma after traffic accidents. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN We prospectively studied every patient admitted to the emergency room with abdominal trauma after a traffic accident. PATIENTS AND METHODS We included every patient(More)