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Authors/Task Force Members: Giuseppe Mancia (Chairperson) (Italy)*, Robert Fagard (Chairperson) (Belgium)*, Krzysztof Narkiewicz (Section co-ordinator) (Poland), Josep Redon (Section co-ordinator) (Spain), Alberto Zanchetti (Section co-ordinator) (Italy), Michael Böhm (Germany), Thierry Christiaens (Belgium), Renata Cifkova (Czech Republic), Guy De Backer(More)
conventional, ambulatory and home blood pressure measurement Eoin O’Brien, Roland Asmar, Lawrie Beilin, Yutaka Imai, Jean-Michel Mallion, Giuseppe Mancia, Thomas Mengden, Martin Myers, Paul Padfield, Paolo Palatini, Gianfranco Parati, Thomas Pickering, Josep Redon, Jan Staessen, George Stergiou and Paolo Verdecchia, on behalf of the European Society of(More)
Hypertension in children and adolescents has gained ground in cardiovascular medicine, thanks to the progress made in several areas of pathophysiological and clinical research. These guidelines represent a consensus among specialists involved in the detection and control of high blood pressure in children and adolescents. The guidelines synthesize a(More)
Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM) is being used increasingly in both clinical practice and hypertension research. Although there are many guidelines that emphasize the indications for ABPM, there is no comprehensive guideline dealing with all aspects of the technique. It was agreed at a consensus meeting on ABPM in Milan in 2011 that the 34(More)
Introduction Blood pressuremeasurement is the basis for the diagnosis, management, treatment, epidemiology and research of hypertension, and the decisions affecting these aspects of hypertensionwill be influenced, for better or worse, by the accuracyofmeasurement.Anaccuratebloodpressure reading is a prerequisite, therefore, regardless of which technique is(More)
Experts from the European Society of Hypertension prepared this position paper in order to summarize current evidence, unmet needs and practical recommendations on the application of percutaneous transluminal ablation of renal nerves [renal denervation (RDN)] as a novel therapeutic strategy for the treatment of resistant hypertension. The sympathetic(More)
Masked hypertension, an elevated daytime ambulatory blood pressure in the presence of a normal office blood pressure, confers an increased cardiovascular risk to adults. We investigated the prevalence, persistence, and clinical significance of masked hypertension in children and adolescents. We enrolled 592 youths (6 to 18 years old). Youths with masked(More)