Josep Ramon Alonso

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The combined Golgi/electron microscope (EM) technique was used to analyze the fine structure and synaptic organization of the various types of neurons in the rat lateral septum (LS), i.e., in the dorsolateral (LSd), intermediolateral (LSi), and ventrolateral (LSv) nuclei of the septal complex. Two characteristic cell types were observed in the LSd: type I(More)
Recent studies have shown that care plans with comprehensive home interventions can be effective in the management of chronic patients. Evidence also exists about the importance of tailoring these care plans to patients, by integrating comorbidities. In this context, the development , implementation, outcome analysis, and reengineering of care plans adapted(More)
This paper introduces an experimental probe of the sterile neutrino with a novel, high-intensity source of electron antineutrinos from the production and subsequent decay of 8Li. When paired with an existing ∼1 kton scintillator-based detector, this <E(ν)> = 6.4 MeV source opens a wide range of possible searches for beyond standard model physics via studies(More)
The area of cytoplasm, nucleus, nucleolus and mitochondria, as well as the elongation and irregular outline of the nucleus were determined, on electron micrographs by using an image analyser, for Ap (pale), Ad (dark with intranuclear vacuole), Ad-like (dark without intranuclear vacuole), Ac (cloudy) and Al (long) human spermatogonia. Ap and Ac spermatogonia(More)
Hippocampo-septal fibers, labeled by anterograde degeneration following transection of the fimbriafornix, were found to establish asymmetric synaptic contacts on spines of identified (Golgi-impregnated and gold-toned) multipolar neurons in the dorsolateral nucleus of the septal region. Evidence from the literature suggests that these cells project onto(More)
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