Josep Pegueroles-Valles

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In this paper we present the Mobile computing with AGents and Publish subscribe for Intelligent pervasive hEalthcare (MAGPIE) platform. MAGPIE is an agent platform designed for the Android OS. The aim of the platform is to simplify the definition of Personal Health Systems (PHSs) to monitor chronic diseases. The agents running in the platform use a symbolic(More)
The focus of this research is in the definition of programmable expert Personal Health Systems (PHS) to monitor patients affected by chronic diseases using agent oriented programming and mobile computing to represent the interactions happening amongst the components of the system. The paper also discusses issues of knowledge representation within the(More)
The understanding of certain data often requires the collection of similar data from different places to be analysed and interpreted. Interoperability standards and ontologies, are facilitating data interchange around the world. However, beyond the existing networks and advances for data transfer, data sharing protocols to support multilateral agreements(More)
As more and more data become available, the task of accessing and exploiting the large number of distributed clinical data repositories becomes increasingly complex. Moreover, accessing to a certain data set in a federated data warehouse may have constrains, and multilateral agreements may solve it. Such agreements may be very complex to be solved manually.(More)
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