Josep Maria Torrents

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— This paper analyzes the advantages and limitations of using the floating-(or flying-) capacitor technique as a building block with differential input and either differential or single-ended output to implement voltage amplifiers, multiplex-ers, and coherent amplitude demodulators. Theoretical analysis, supported by experimental results, shows that the(More)
— This work analyzes the effect of inductive and capacitive coupling between the injecting circuit and the detecting circuit in resistive field surveys. Theoretical and experimental results demonstrate that if a square waveform is injected into the soil, and synchronous sampling is used to sample at the flat zone of the detected voltage, then the effect of(More)
 Increasingly more non-destructive testing methods are being developed in a civil engineering context, but many of them cannot be applied when only one surface of the structure can be accessed. In order to measure moisture level in such concrete structures as dams or tunnels, a coplanar line was designed, capable to measure the permittivity evolution as(More)
− Conventional concrete structures are nowadays being substituted by steel fibre reinforced concrete (SFRC) in some structural applications. Then, fibre dosage and distribution is a keyword for ensuring quality control of structures. The present work analyses the possibility of an Open Ended Coaxial Probe as an element for ensuring the quality of a concrete(More)
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