Josep M Pintó

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Purkinje cells contain sarcoplasmic reticulum (SR) directly under the surface membrane, are devoid of t-tubuli, and are packed with myofibrils surrounded by central SR. Several studies have reported that electrical excitation induces a biphasic Ca(2+) transient in Purkinje fiber bundles. We determined the nature of the biphasic Ca(2+) transient in(More)
BACKGROUND Altered electrical activity of subendocardial Purkinje fibers contributes to arrhythmias in the 48-hour infarcted canine heart. Changes in the transmembrane action potentials of these fibers include marked action potential prolongation. The ionic basis for these changes is unknown. METHODS AND RESULTS We used whole-cell voltage-clamp techniques(More)
OBJECTIVES Allergen emissions during soybean unloading operations in the Barcelona harbor have caused asthma epidemics. The present article aimed to describe the surveillance and control measures carried out by the public health services. METHODS Data were extracted from control systems from 1999 to 2009, with description of the surveillance schemes for(More)
INTRODUCTION Subendocardial Purkinje myocytes from the 48-hour infarcted heart (IZPCs) have reduced resting potentials, possibly due to altered inwardly rectifying K+ currents IK1. Abnormal depolarization-activated outward K+ currents could contribute to long triangularly shaped action potentials of IZPCs. METHODS AND RESULTS We used whole cell patch(More)
BACKGROUND The abnormal transmembrane action potentials of subendocardial Purkinje fibers that survive 24 to 48 hours after coronary artery occlusion can be a source of the multiform ventricular tachycardias that occur during this time. A change in the density or function of either or both the T-type and L-type cardiac Ca2+ channels may contribute to the(More)
INTRODUCTION Flecainide is effective in terminating stable atrial flutter in the conscious dog with a Y-shaped right atrial lesion. In this model, flutter is due to circus movement of the impulse around a fixed anatomical barrier. METHODS AND RESULTS To investigate the mechanism of flecainide-induced termination of this type of reentry, we determined the(More)
BACKGROUND Asthma attacks and mortality due to inhalation of soybean antigens in Barcelona, Spain have been well documented. A new control scheme was adopted in the city to avoid the emission and dispersion of soybean dust into the atmosphere during unloading. We studied soybean allergen emission during unloading and at 3 industrial sites and compared the(More)
INTRODUCTION We studied the effects of mibefradil (MIB), a nondihydropyridine T-type Ca2+ channel antagonist, on T- and L-type Ca2+ (I(CaT), I(CaL)) currents in Purkinje myocytes dispersed from the subendocardium of the left ventricle of normal (NZPC) and 48-hour infarcted (IZPC) hearts. METHODS AND RESULTS Currents were recorded with Cs+- and EGTA-rich(More)
A composite index, based on function analysis and including thirteen sub-indices, was developed to assess the overall quality of urban and urbanized beaches in the Mediterranean area. The aggregation of components and sub-indices was based on two questionnaires completed by beach users and experts. Applying the new Beach Quality Index (BQI) demonstrated(More)
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