Josep M. Aparicio

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The objective of our study was to test the usefulness of some biological markers of alcoholism to detect heavy drinkers, using a structured interview with a 7-day memory as this is currently considered the most reliable technique for determining alcohol consumption. A transversal, observational study was designed with a sample representative of the working(More)
The generalized Fermi-Dirac functions and their derivatives are important in evaluating the thermodynamic quantities of partially degenerate electrons in hot dense stellar plasmas. New recursion relations of the generalized Fermi-Dirac functions have been found. An effective numerical method to evaluate the derivatives of the generalized Fermi-Dirac(More)
Linear and nonlinear characteristics of devices using millimeter-scale spools of highly nonlinear fiber are experimentally investigated within 2000-2400nm spectral range. Coils with radius larger than 3.5 mm indicate that macro-bending induced radiation loss is negligible up to 2400nm. Devices with smaller diameter coiling resulted in macro-bending losses(More)
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