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The effects of prednisolone, theophylline or salbutamol treatment were studied on leukocyte numbers in bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) fluid taken 72 h after ovalbumin challenge in sensitized guinea pigs. Ovalbumin challenge resulted in an approximate 3-fold increase in the number of eosinophils in BAL fluid. This increase was significantly reduced by oral(More)
Ebastine (CAS 90729-43-4), cetirizine (CAS 83881-51-0) and loratadine (CAS 79794-75-5) are second generation H1-antihistamines of proven efficacy for treating allergy. Recent clinical studies have found ebastine to be more effective than cetirizine or loratadine in alleviating the symptoms of seasonal allergic rhinitis. The objective of this study was to(More)
The effects of prednisolone, salbutamol or theophylline treatment were studied in guinea pigs on bronchial hyperreactivity induced by chronic administration of PAF, (subsequently measuring respiratory flow after an intravenous injection of histamine) and the chemokinesis of leucocytes in vitro. Prednisolone (10 mg/kg p.o.) was active in the bronchial(More)
AIMS Aclidinium bromide is a novel, long-acting, inhaled muscarinic antagonist currently in registration phase for the treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Since urinary difficulty and retention have been reported for anticholinergic agents such as tiotropium and ipratropium, it is important to examine the preclinical urinary and renal safety(More)
In man, the reflux of duodenal contents into the stomach leads to gastritis and produces a mucosa susceptible to ulceration. This effect, predominantly due to bile acids, was studied in an animal model in which the oral administration of bile (ox bile powder containing a minimum of 45% cholic acid) markedly increased the gastrolesive action of subcutaneous(More)
Almotriptan (3-[2-(dimethylamino) ethyl]-5-(pyrrolidin-1-ylsulfonylmethyl)-1H-indole, CAS 154323-57-6) is a new 5-HT1B/1D agonist whose clinical efficacy has been demonstrated in Phase III clinical trials. This study aimed to evaluate the safety of almotriptan with respect to the central nervous system, renal function and respiratory dynamics using(More)
Pharmacological screening tests have been done in order to provide an initial assessment of the new antacid compound almagate (aluminium-magnesium hydroxycarbonate hydrate, Al2Mg6(OH)14(CO3)2 X 4 H2O, Almax). In rats with pyloric ligatures, almagate (125-500 mg/kg) was significantly more potent than aluminium hydroxide in raising the pH and reducing the(More)
The efficacies of almagate (hydrated aluminium-magnesium hydroxycarbonate, Al2Mg6(OH)14(CO3)2 X 4H2O, Almax) and aluminium hydroxide to neutralise histamine-induced gastric acid hypersecretion were compared in a closed-circuit perfused stomach preparation modified for pH-stat titration in the intact, anaesthetised rat. After intravenous injection of(More)
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