Josep Lluís Acero-Sánchez

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The determination of antigliadin antibodies from human serum samples is of vital importance for the diagnosis of an autoimmune disease such as celiac disease. An electrochemical immunosensor that mimics traditional ELISA type architecture has been constructed for the detection of antigliadin antibodies with control over the orientation and packing of(More)
An electrochemical immunosensor for the detection of human IgA deficiency in real human blood serum has been developed. The performance of the immunosensor presents a large but sensitive dynamic range that allows the determination of non-deficient IgA levels (>70 μg/mL) as well as of severe IgA deficiencies (0.5-5.0 μg/mL). The assay architecture involves(More)
A simple and rapid immunosensor for the determination of the celiac disease-related antibody, anti-tissue transglutaminase, was investigated. The antigenic protein tissue transglutaminase was chemically modified, introducing disulfide groups through different moieties of the molecule (amine, carboxylic, and hydroxyl groups), self-assembled on gold surfaces,(More)
Solid-phase isothermal DNA amplification was performed exploiting the homology protein recombinase A (recA). The system was primarily tested on maleimide activated microtitre plates as a proof-of-concept and later translated to an electrochemical platform. In both cases, forward primer for Francisella tularensis holarctica genomic DNA was surface(More)
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