Josep Jorba

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This paper presents the SR-GCWS-CS probabilistic algorithm that combines Monte Carlo simulation with splitting techniques and the Clarke and Wright savings heuristic to find competitive quasi-optimal solutions to the Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem (CVRP) in reasonable response times. The algorithm, which does not require complex fine-tuning processes,(More)
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—Remote control systems are a very useful element to control and monitor devices quickly and easily. This paper proposes a new architecture for remote control of Android mobile devices, analyzing the different alternatives and seeking the optimal solution in each case. Although the area of remote control, in case of mobile devices, is little explored, it(More)
—Data-intensive applications are those that explore, query, analyze, and, in general, process very large data sets. Generally in High Performance Computing (HPC), the main performance problem associated to these applications is the load unbalance or inefficient resources utilization. This paper proposes a methodology for improving performance of(More)
Data-intensive applications are those that explore, query, analyze, and, in general, process very large data sets. Generally, these applications can be naturally implemented in parallel but, in many cases, these implementations show severe performance problems mainly due to load imbalances, inefficient use of available resources, and improper data partition(More)
PCs and Workstations clusters are becoming more popular everyday. In many cases these systems are considered as part of a wider system for meta or GRID computing purposes. The management, administration and use of this systems present several difficulties due to the need to access different systems located at remote sites. A new architecture for managing a(More)