Josep Cornellà

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Cross-couplings of alkyl halides and organometallic species based on single electron transfer using Ni and Fe catalyst systems have been studied extensively, and separately, for decades. Here we demonstrate the first couplings of redox-active esters (both isolated and derived in situ from carboxylic acids) with organozinc and organomagnesium species using(More)
Alkyl carboxylic acids are ubiquitous in all facets of chemical science, from natural products to polymers, and represent an ideal starting material with which to forge new connections. This study demonstrates how the same activating principles used for decades to make simple C-N (amide) bonds from carboxylic acids with loss of water can be used to make C-C(More)
A practical, mild and highly selective protocol for the monodeuteration of a variety of arenes and heteroarenes is presented. Catalytic amounts of Ag(I) salts in DMSO/D(2)O are shown to facilitate the deutero-decarboxylation of ortho-substituted benzoic and heteroaromatic α-carboxylic acids in high yields with excellent levels of deuterium incorporation.
A mechanistic and computational study on the reductive cleavage of C-OMe bonds catalyzed by Ni(COD)(2)/PCy(3) with silanes as reducing agents is reported herein. Specifically, we demonstrate that the mechanism for this transformation does not proceed via oxidative addition of the Ni(0) precatalyst into the C-OMe bond. In the absence of an external reducing(More)
A Ni-catalyzed carboxylation of unactivated primary alkyl bromides and sulfonates with CO2 at atmospheric pressure is described. The method is characterized by its mild conditions and remarkably wide scope without the need for air- or moisture-sensitive reagents, which make it a user-friendly and operationally simple protocol en route to carboxylic acids.
In 1979, the seminal work of Wenkert set the standards for the utilization of aryl and vinyl ethers as coupling partners via C-O bond-cleavage. Although the topic remained dormant for almost three decades, the last few years have witnessed a renaissance in this area of expertise, experiencing an exponential growth and becoming a significant discipline(More)