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and Jose Garcia-Montalvo and two annonymous refrees for many valuable comments. Abstract This paper analyzes the effect of ethnic division on civil war and the role of political systems in preventing these conflicts. First we show the importance of religious polarization and animist diversity in explaining the incidence of ethnic civil war. We find that(More)
We examine the eeect of unilateral and mutual partner selection in the context of prisoner's dilemmas experimentally. Subjects play s i m ultaneously several nitely repeated two-person prisoner's dilemma games. We nd that unilateral choice is the best system. It leads to low defection and fewer singles than with mutual choice. Furthermore, with the(More)
We take institutions seriously as both a rational response to dilemmas in which agents found themselves and a frame to which later rational agents adapted their behaviour in turn. Medieval corporate bodies knew that they needed choice procedures. Although the social choice advances of ancient Greece and Rome were not rediscovered until the high middle ages,(More)
This article examines four problems with past evaluations of presidential election forecasting and suggests one aspect of the models that could be improved. Past criticism has had problems with establishing an overall appraisal of the forecasting equations, in assessing the accuracy of both the forecasting models and their forecasts of individual election(More)
We developed a high-throughput yeast-based assay to screen for chemical inhibitors of Ca(2+)/calmodulin-dependent kinase pathways. After screening two small libraries, we identified the novel antagonist 125-C9, a substituted ethyleneamine. In vitro kinase assays confirmed that 125-C9 inhibited several calmodulin-dependent kinases (CaMKs) competitively with(More)
10 Regime Change within Defective Democracies: Turkey in the Early 1990s and 2010s Ugur Altundal 15 Democratic Backsliding and the Role of the Military in post-Qadhafi Libya Kawther Alfasi 17 Book review • Democracy in Decline? Edited Is Democracy in Decline? T o understand the condition of democracy in the world today, one must begin by situating it in the(More)
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