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In chloralose-anesthetized dogs the hypotensive and reflex cardiovascular responses to infusions of sodium nitroprusside were studied before and during halothane and enflurane, and before after divided doses of cryptenamine. The latter drug, a mixture of hypotensive veratrum alkaloids, lowers blood pressure reflexly by acting on afferent receptors(More)
Perirenal lymphocyst formation occurred in 7 of 46 consecutive renal allografts which had survived at least one month. This complication developed from one to four and one-half months post-transplantation, resulted in a specific spectrum of clinical signs and symptoms, and was best diagnosed by a combination of intravenous pyelography and ultrasonic(More)
This paper presents a numerical method to compute all possible conformations of distance-constrained molecular loops, i.e., loops where some inter-atomic distances are held xed, while others can vary. The method is general (it can be applied to single or multiple intermingled loops of arbitrary topology) and complete (it isolates all solutions, even if they(More)
The diagnosis of renal angiomyolipoma has always been difficult to make preoperatively. When the clinical and radiologic features are highly suggestive of an angiomyolipoma, the surgeon may resort to open renal frozen-section biopsy in an attempt to avoid unnecessary radical nephrectomy. The authors report two cases of renal angiomyolipoma that highlight(More)
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