Josep Bou

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In an attempt to investigate the relationships between allometry and locomotory adaptations, we studied the long limb bones of 45 species of insectivores and rodents. Animals ranged from a few grams to about 50 kilograms. Diameter and length of the bones and body mass (when known) were recorded. Regressions of diameter to length, diameter to body mass, and(More)
To define the most appropriate process to treat urban wastewater is not an easy problem to solve. This definition represents a complex problem that requires the participation and the consensus of different agents (social, economic, environmental). In order to confront this problem, the Catalan Water Agency developed an Environmental Decision Support System(More)
The cineradiographic study of the digging modalities in Arvicola terrestris and Spalax erenbergi showed important convergences in the mechanisms used by both species. Head and incisors are the burrowing tools, acting as a "scraping-shovel" in Spalax and as a "scratching-shovel" in Arvicola. They are moved forward by a force originated by the pressure of the(More)
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