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BACKGROUND Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) due to eccentric muscle activity is associated with inflammatory responses and production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) that sustain both inflammation and oxidative stress. Curcumin, a powerful promoter of anti-oxidant response, is one of the best-investigated natural products, and is now commercially(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Dietary habits in the Mexican population have changed dramatically over the last few years, which are reflected in increased overweight and obesity prevalence. The aim was to examine the prevalence of metabolic syndrome (MetS) and associated risk factors in Northern Mexican adults aged ≥ 16 years. METHODS AND RESULTS The study was a(More)
Objective. To review the extant literature on the prevalence of overweight and obesity in adolescents (10-19 years old) of both sexes. Design. The search was carried out using Medline and Scopus considering articles published from the establishment of the databanks until June 7, 2012. Data on the prevalence of children being overweight and obese from the(More)
A call for grants was issued in 2002 by the Spanish Government (Instituto de Salud Carlos III). This call was specifically designed to initiate networking research among Spanish biomedical investigators. During 2002, Ramón Estruch—the leader of our ini-tiative—contacted different Spanish investigators (the rest of us) working in nutrition from different(More)
The aim of this work was to demonstrate the occurrence of oxidative stress during exhaustive exercise and to determine the antioxidant response. Eight voluntary male subjects participated in this study. The exercise was a cycling mountain stage (171 km) and the cyclists took a mean+/-S.E.M. time of 270+/-12 min to complete it. Blood samples were taken(More)
Hypothyroidal rats produced by low iodine diet or propylthiouracyl (PTU) were less active in the open field and received fewer food reinforcements than controls in a lever press situation at both 22 degrees C and 1 degree C. The hypothyroid rats also pressed less when heat was the reinforcer. On the other hand, hyperthyroidal rats produced by thyroid powder(More)
The aim of this work was to assess the prevalence and risk factors of obesity in the Balearic Islands' adolescents. A cross-sectional nutritional survey was carried out in the Balearic Islands (2007-2008). A random sample (n 1231) of the adolescent population (12-17 year old) was interviewed. Anthropometric measurements, two non-consecutive 24 h recalls and(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the prevalence of excess weight (obesity and overweight) and the related environmental risk factors in a Mediterranean population. Self-perception of body weight, attitudes toward weight-control behaviors, and the associated factors were also examined. RESEARCH METHODS AND PROCEDURES A cross-sectional nutritional survey was carried out(More)
The aim of this study was to assess whether the recently developed Diet Quality Index-International (DQI-I) could be used to evaluate diet quality of a Mediterranean population. A cross-sectional nutritional survey was carried out in the Balearic Islands (Spain) between 1999 and 2000. Dietary information (replicated 24 h recall and a food frequency(More)
The kinetic parameters of alpha-methyl-D-glucoside (alpha Glc1Me) have been determined in the small intestine in order to establish developmental and regional changes in the apical transport in embryos and newly hatched chicks. Results show that the apparent Michaelis constant (Km) values did not change during the period studied in each region of the small(More)