Josenir Teixeira Câmara

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Eight new species of Hemerodromia Meigen are described from the Brazilian Atlantic forest, H. brevicercata sp. nov., H. carioca sp. nov., H. cornuhypandrialis sp. nov., H. megalamellata sp. nov., H. membranosa sp. nov., H. mourai sp. nov., H. cummingi sp. nov., and H. ubajaraensis sp. nov. are described and illustrated. This is the first record of the genus(More)
The species of the Neotropical genus Opeatocerata Melander are revised to include 21 species, with fifteen species described as new: O. agudeloi sp. nov., O. ampullaria sp. nov., O. bare sp. nov., O. brasiliensis sp. nov., O. chaetohypandrialis sp. nov., O. cylindrophallus sp. nov., O. curvipenis sp. nov., O. hadrophallus sp. nov., O. megalophallus sp.(More)
Ten new species of Hemerodromia Meigen, 1822 are described and illustrated from the Brazilian state of Amazonas: H. amazonensis sp. nov., H. breviradia sp. nov., H. cercusdilatata sp. nov., H. collini sp. nov., H. epandriocurvialis sp. nov., H. jauensis sp. nov., H. lamellata sp. nov., H. longilamellata sp. nov., H. maturaca sp. nov., H. smithi sp. nov.(More)
Neoplasta Coquillett is distributed in the New World. The male of N. fortiseta Smith and five new species collected in the Brazilian states of Santa Catarina and São Paulo (N. lobata sp. nov., N. longicornis sp. nov., N. macdonaldi sp. nov., N. nigrithorax sp. nov., and N. spinulosa sp. nov.), are described and illustrated. A key to Brazilian species is(More)
BACKGROUND Diversity and distribution of Neotropical aquatic insects is still poorly known, with many species to be recorded and many others to be described, due to the small number of taxonomists and sparse faunistic studies. This knowledge is especially poor in the Caatinga Domain in Northeastern Brazil, even though, this region may have played an(More)
Furciseta Aczél, 1956 [type species: F. plaumanni (Hennig, 1952)] was described as a monotypic genus from southern Brazil and is known only from the type material. Herein, F hyalipennis n. sp. is described and illustrated based on three males and one female collected in the Brazilian states of Amazonas and Maranhão. An illustrated key to the two known(More)
Atrichopleura Bezzi, 1909 occurs in different regions of the Southern Hemisphere (24 Neotropical species, 2 Afrotropical species and 2 Australasian species). A new species collected in the Brazilian state of Ceará, A. acuminata sp. nov. is described and illustrated. This is the first record of the genus from northeastern Brazil. A modified key to the five(More)
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