Josemarque L. Rosa

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We show here that Vav-2, a member of the Vav family of oncoproteins, acts as a guanosine nucleotide exchange factor (GEF) for RhoG and RhoA-like GTPases in a phosphotyrosine-dependent manner. Moreover, we show that Vav-2 oncogenic activation correlates with the acquisition of phosphorylation-independent exchange activity. In vivo, wild-type Vav-2 is(More)
HERC proteins are defined as containing both HECT and RCC1-like domains in their amino acid sequences. Six HERC genes have turned up in the human genome which encode two different sorts of polypeptides: while the small HERC proteins possess little more than the two aforementioned domains, the large ones are giant proteins with a plethora of potentially(More)
We report the identification of a novel human gene, designated p619, that encodes a polypeptide of 4861 amino acid residues, one of the largest human proteins known to date. The p619 protein contains two regions of seven internal repeats highly related to the cell cycle regulator RCC1, a guanine nucleotide exchange factor for the small GTP binding protein,(More)
We have recently identified an unusually large human protein that stimulates guanine nucleotide exchange on ARF1 and Rab proteins (EMBO J 15: 4262-4273, 1996). This protein, designated p532 based on its predicted molecular weight (EMBO J 15: 5738, 1996), contains multiple structural domains including two regions of seven internal repeats highly related to(More)
P. P. Povinec,1,a M. K. Pham,1 J. A. Sanchez-Cabeza,1 G. Barci-Funel,2 R. Bojanowski,3 T. Boshkova,4 W. C. Burnett,5 F. Carvalho,6 B. Chapeyron,7 I. L. Cunha,8 H. Dahlgaard,9,b N. Galabov,10 L. K. Fifield,11 J. Gastaud,1 J.-J. Geering,12 I. F. Gomez,13 N. Green,14 T. Hamilton,15 F. L. Ibanez,16 M. Ibn Majah,17 M. John,18 G. Kanisch,19 T. C. Kenna,20 M.(More)
An agriculture-intensive country should be aware of natural toxins, including both mycotoxins and cyanotoxins, which are closely associated with the quality of raw materials, for food safety and industry. The major production chains – corn, wheat, beef, and broiler chicken – are the top components of agribusiness, and they should be tracked by reliable and(More)
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