Josefine Stoll

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Stability of the trunk is relevant in determining trunk response to different loading in everyday tasks initiated by the limbs. Descriptions of the trunk's mechanical movement patterns in response to different loads while lifting objects are still under debate. Hence, the aim of this study was to analyze the influence of weight on 3-dimensional segmental(More)
BACKGROUND Recently, the incidence rate of back pain (BP) in adolescents has been reported at 21%. However, the development of BP in adolescent athletes is unclear. Hence, the purpose of this study was to examine the incidence of BP in young elite athletes in relation to gender and type of sport practiced. METHODS Subjective BP was assessed in 321 elite(More)
BACKGROUND Back pain patients (BPP) show delayed muscle onset, increased co-contractions, and variability as response to quasi-static sudden trunk loading in comparison to healthy controls (H). However, it is unclear whether these results can validly be transferred to suddenly applied walking perturbations, an automated but more functional and complex(More)
Differences in trunk strength capacity because of gender and sports are well documented in adults. In contrast, data concerning young athletes are sparse. The purpose of this study was to assess the maximum trunk strength of adolescent athletes and to investigate differences between genders and age groups. A total of 520 young athletes were recruited.(More)
We describe a woman who had a total resection of a cardiac myxoma followed 8 months later by a hemorrhage in the right frontal lobe secondary to extravascular metastasis of the myxoma. Six years later, after an asymptomatic follow-up, she developed a recurrence of left-sided seizures and an enhancing mass in the same location as the previous tumor. At(More)
Breast carcinoma has a high predisposition to metastasize to the brain parenchyma or spinal epidural space with development of progressive neurological symptoms and signs and frequently death of the patient. We report 8 patients with known breast cancer who developed neurological symptoms attributable to an intracranial meningioma and 1 patient who(More)
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