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Shortened Tracer Uptake Time in GA-68-DOTATOC-PET of Meningiomas Does Not Impair Diagnostic Accuracy and PET Volume Definition
In patients with meningiomas undergoing Ga-68-DOTATOC-PET, the tracer uptake time can safely be reduced to 15 min p.i. with comparable PET volume and 100% lesion detection compared to 60 minPTV, according to this study. Expand
Selective Internal Radiation Therapy in Breast Cancer Liver Metastases: Outcome Assessment Applying a Prognostic Score
The proposed prognostic score may facilitate pretherapeutic identification of patients with unfavorable OS after SIRT and may help to balance potential life prolongation with the hazards of invasive treatment and hospitalization. Expand
68Ga-DOTATOC-PET/MRI—A Secure One-Stop Shop Imaging Tool for Robotic Radiosurgery Treatment Planning in Patients with Optic Nerve Sheath Meningioma
Ga68-DOTATOC-PET/MRI can be used for target volume contouring prior to RRS for ONSM as it enables safe treatment planning and improves diagnostic accuracy, and can be considered a safe “one-stop shop” image tool prior to radiosurgery for OnSM. Expand
Retrospective analysis of treatment decisions and clinical outcome of Lisfranc injuries: operative vs. conservative treatment
Qualitative radiological factors like the grade of displacement and the trauma mechanism were more strongly associated with the decision for surgical treatment than quantitative radiologic factors such as the distance from the first to the second metatarsal bone. Expand
Populists as Strangers : How the ‘ politics of the extraordinary ’ challenges representative democracy in Europe
This paper elaborates on the idea that populist actors simultaneously seek and are considered to be ‘different’ from ‘ordinary’ democratic politics. Drawing in particular on Simmel’s notion of theExpand
Narrative, Political Violence, and Social Change
ABSTRACT This special issue is concerned with the development of the study of narratives of political violence and terrorism. While the concept of narrative has become increasingly popular amongExpand
Book Review: Catherine MacMillan, Discourse, Identity and the Question of Turkish Accession to the EU: Through the Looking Glass
convergence and regulatory change are the result of ‘interactions between private and public actors across national borders’ (p. 149). Three mechanisms are analysed in the book due to their potentialExpand
‘We Are the People’: The Rise of the AfD in Germany
This short essay is, in the publisher’s words, a ‘pamphlet’ written by a practitioner whose political home is, she explains, the German Social Democrats (SPD) and the UK Labour Party. It offers a c...