Josefina Rodríguez-Jacobo

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One of the main concerns of the software industry is to develop the talent of its human resources, since the quality and innovation of its products and services depend to a great extent on the knowledge, the ability and the talent that software engineers apply in the software development process. A competency framework defines a set of knowledge, skills,(More)
The competencies (a set of specific knowledges, skills, attitudes and behaviors; <i>e.g.</i> stress handling, commitment, collaboration and identification of conflicts) of the employees of software organizations are a fundamental element for the success of a Software Process Improvement (SPI) initiative. We performed three case studies to identify the(More)
Artificial Neural Networks have proven to be a very powerful machine learning algorithm which can be adequate to learn successfully a variety of tasks. Currently, very complex classification problems on different kind of data (images, video, sound, text, DNA) have been solved using neural networks. This kind of algorithms usually has many parameters that(More)
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