Josefina Gutiérrez-Martínez

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Brain computer interface systems (BCI) translate the intentions of patients affected with locked-in syndrome through the EEG signal characteristics, which are converted into commands used to control external devices. One of the strategies used, is to decode the motor imagery of the subject, which can modify the neuronal activity in the sensory-motor areas(More)
Data security is a critical issue in an organization; a proper information security management (ISM) is an ongoing process that seeks to build and maintain programs, policies, and controls for protecting information. A hospital is one of the most complex organizations, where patient information has not only legal and economic implications but, more(More)
Neurological rehabilitation arose as formal method in the 60's, for the therapeutic treatment of patients with stroke or spinal cord injury, which develop severe sequelae that affect their motor and sensory abilities. Although the Central Nervous System has plasticity mechanisms for spontaneous recovery, a high percentage of patients should receive(More)
Increasing radiology studies has led to the emergence of new requirements for management medical information, mainly affecting the storage of digital images. Today, it is a necessary interaction between workflow management and legal rules that govern it, to allow an efficient control of medical technology and associated costs. Another important topic that(More)
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