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The cells of the nervous system are characterized by their well-formed cell processes and by cell-to-cell relationships that they form. The neuron reveals essentially cylindrical processes, which form synaptic junctions. On the other hand, the peripheral parts of the glial cells are mainly sheet-like in nature. Thus, the oligodendroglial cell elaborates(More)
Children and adults may differ with respect to their cerebral vasculature in both normal and pathological states. The authors have identified four pediatric patients in whom a cerebral arteriovenous malformation (AVM) recurred after surgery for removal of the AVM and in whom a normal postoperative angiogram had been obtained. This phenomenon has not been(More)
Two hundred thirty-one cases of incidental meningiomas found at autopsy at the Montefiore Medical Center during the period from 1950 to 1982 were reviewed. The prevalence of incidental meningiomas increased with age, and was highest in people 80 years of age or older. The male to female ratio was 1 to 3. The relative size of the tumors also increased with(More)
Rosai-Dorfman disease is a well-recognized clinicopathological entity, which in rare cases affects the central nervous system, where it mimics meningioma. We describe three cases and review the literature. Histological and immunohistochemical confirmation is essential for definitive diagnosis. In addition to emperipolesis (lymphophagocytosis), reactivity(More)
We described cytoplasmic inclusions in glial cells in 18 patients with olivopontocerebellar atrophy (OPCA) (multiple system atrophy, MSA). These glial inclusions showed intense argyrophilia with modified Bielschowsky's and Bodian's silver impregnation techniques, and were observed in the pons, cerebellar white matter, midbrain, medulla oblongata and basal(More)
The findings of an ultrastructural study of the blood vessels and their surrounding structures in ependymoma are demonstrated. Six surgically removed cases of ependymoma are investigated. The lumen of the blood vessels, especially in vascular rosettes is often wider than those of normal brain capillaries. The endothelial cells are structurally varied, but(More)
This is an autopsy case report of a 76 year old woman with multifocal glioblastoma multiforme. CT scan revealed three separate mass lesions in the left temporal lobe, left parietal lobe and right fronto-parietal lobes. CT-guided needle biopsy of the right fronto-parietal mass revealed glioblastoma multiforme. At autopsy, serial horizontal sections of the(More)
In an autopsied case of chronic multiple sclerosis, many axons in some demyelinated plaques of the spinal cord had remarkably increased diameters and reduced argentophilia. The increase in axonal diameter extended for some distance and was restricted to the demyelinated areas. A review of 22 autopsy cases of chronic multiple sclerosis revealed similar(More)
This report concerns ultrastructural and immunohistochemical studies on ballooned neurons of ten patients with Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD). While abundant ballooned neurons and severe white matter degeneration was seen in six Japanese cases, only occasional ballooned neurons and no white matter degeneration was observed in four cases from the files of(More)