Josefina Bautista

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In support of the argument that left-handedness is a marker for decreased survival fitness, in 1991 Coren and Halpern gave considerable weight to the results of their 1988 study in which right-handed baseball players were described as having lived about eight months longer than their left-handed peers. In their 1993 unsuccessful attempt to replicate this(More)
The self-reported levels of experience to six types of dreams were compared for groups of students who classified as having either thin (n = 30) or thick (n = 86) boundaries. Consistent with predictions drawn from the literature, the thin-boundary group scored significantly higher on level of experience for each dream type than the thick-boundary group.(More)
We tested the mean differences in scores on Sleep Hygiene Knowledge and on Sleep Hygiene Practices among four ethnic groups of university students (N = 963). We computed significant main effects for ethnicity for both of these variables. Primarily the results reflect that the Euro-American students scored significantly higher on both scales than each of the(More)
Accurate age estimation has always been a problem for forensic scientists, and apposition of secondary dentine is often used as an indicator of age. Cameriere et al. studied the pulp/tooth area ratio by peri-apical X-ray images of the canines, to observe the apposition of secondary dentine. The present study examines the application of this technique in a(More)
To test the conclusion of a recent study that snoring and disturbing dreams are strongly associated, 199 university undergraduates responded to a questionnaire that assessed their level of snoring and the frequency with which they experienced fantastic nightmares. Contrary to data provided by this recent study, we did not find a significant relationship(More)
In this study, we examined the relationship between the consistency of hand use and the self-reported incidence of accidents with injuries which required medical care in groups of university students (n = 23 for each group). To do this, we adopted a scoring procedure for the Briggs-Nebes Handedness Scale that permitted us to classify individuals as(More)
As evidence for the hypothesis on the claim of reduced longevity for left-handers, Coren in 1989 reported data which suggested that left-handers were 1.89 times more likely to report injuries which required medical attention. This left-handed group included both left- and mixed-handed individuals. To clarify the results of his study, we repeated in part(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the demographic and psychopathological characteristics of the treatment discontinuation group compared with patients who completed with paliperidone ER treatment for 6 months. METHODS A total of 984 patients meeting the DSM-IV criteria for schizophrenia who switched their antipsychotics were recruited from 61 sites in five countries(More)
Thirteen patients hemodialyzed for chronic renal insufficiency developed progressive paresis of the proximal musculature. Biopsies of the deltoid muscles of ten patients showed selective atrophy of type 2 fibers, the cause of which seems to be related to the osteomalacia present in those patients. Purification of the water for dialysis prior to the(More)