Josefin Rosén

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Cardiac glycosides have been reported to exhibit cytotoxic activity against several different cancer types, but studies against colorectal cancer are lacking. In a screening procedure aimed at identifying natural products with activity against colon cancer, several cardiac glycosides were shown to be of interest, and five of these were further evaluated in(More)
Changes in the dissolution of a solid dispersion capsule formulation composed of amorphous SCH 48461 in a polyethylene glycol 8000 matrix were investigated. SCH 48461 [(3R,4S)-1,4-bis(4-methoxyphenyl)-3-(3-phenylpropyl)-2-azetidinone] is a potent cholesterol absorption inhibitor with low water solubility and low melting point. Several capsule lots placed(More)
To evaluate the usefulness of a miniaturized rotating disk equipment for the determination of factors influencing the in vitro dissolution rate, G, of a model basic drug substance (terfenadine) in different aqueous media, using experimental design and multivariate data analysis. The apparent solubility, S, was included in the chemometric study. The(More)
Nature represents a vast source of chemical diversity, which is supposed to cover broader areas of chemical space than synthetically obtained substances typical of medicinal chemistry. With regard to drug discovery from nature, the terrestrial environment has been the most and longest studied source, while the investigation of compounds produced by marine(More)
Internet has become a central source for information, tools, and services facilitating the work for medicinal chemists and drug discoverers worldwide. In this paper we introduce a web-based public tool, ChemGPS-NP(Web) (, for comprehensive chemical space navigation and exploration in terms of global mapping onto a consistent, eight(More)
The present work describes the detection, purification, and characterization of a serine endopeptidase with preference for a phosphoserine in the P1' position of the substrate. During probing for the enzyme in crude extracts, as well as during its 64,000-fold purification, 32P-labeled guanidovaleryl-Arg-Ala-Ser(P)-isobutyl amide (I) was used to measure the(More)
The apparent loss of nitroglycerin in a prototype transdermal nitroglycerin system was investigated by attenuated total reflectance infrared (ATR-IR) microspectroscopy and high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). Several transdermal nitroglycerin lots placed under controlled storage conditions exhibited loss of drug potency (up to 10%) along with the(More)
An in-vivo/in-vitro correlation was established for four formulations of pseudoephedrine sulfate modified release tablets exhibiting different in-vivo and in-vitro release rate and absorption characteristics. In-vitro release rate data were obtained for 12 individual tablets of each formulation using the USP Apparatus 2 paddle stirrer at 50 rev min-1 in(More)