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This paper applies topological methods to study complex high dimensional data sets by extracting shapes (patterns) and obtaining insights about them. Our method combines the best features of existing standard methodologies such as principal component and cluster analyses to provide a geometric representation of complex data sets. Through this hybrid method,(More)
Nolfi in [1] presented an experimental comparison of weight evolution in five different neural network architectures (feed-forward vs. recurrent, modular vs. non-modular) for the control of a Khepera robot, which had to pick up objects with its gripper arm and place them outside an arena. Best results were achieved with a so-called emergent modular(More)
With Instant Broadcasting System, people can collaboratively produce, edit, and broadcast live video using only mobile phones, a laptop computer, and available mobile networks. In this demonstration, it is used as a VJ system that supports visitor-generated video, flexible content selection, a communication back channel, and real-time loop editing. These(More)
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