Josef Weinbub

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Quality and size of mesh elements are important for optimizing the accuracy and convergence of mesh-based simulation processes. Often, a priori information, like internal material properties, of regions of interest is available, which can be used to locally specify the mesh element size for finding a good balance between the mesh resolution on the one hand(More)
We revisit the implementation of iterative solvers on discrete graphics processing units and demonstrate the benefit of implementations using extensive kernel fusion for pipelined formulations over conventional implementations of classical formulations. The proposed implementations with both CUDA and OpenCL are freely available in ViennaCL and are shown to(More)
The performance portability of OpenCL kernel implementations for common memory bandwidth limited linear algebra operations across different hardware generations of the same vendor as well as across vendors is studied. Certain combinations of kernel implementations and work sizes are found to exhibit good performance across compute kernels, hardware(More)