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Near infrared optical spectroscopy is becoming a useful method for monitoring regional cerebral oxygenation status. The method is simple, reliable and noninvasive and the information which it provides is clinically significant in managing a growing number of neurological ailments. Use of this technique has been described previously by numerous authors. In(More)
Beef from cattle finished on grass will be of similar quality to that from cattle finished on grain when their carcasses are processed using best practice protocols. To test this hypothesis, carcasses of twenty Brahman steers, finished to 400 kg live weight on either Buffel grass pasture (n=10) or grain (n=10), were electrically stimulated with 400 V for 50(More)
  • J Stark
  • 1998
The inter-relationship between the renal and cardiac systems is complex, but once understood it provides the critical care nurse with a wealth of knowledge to analyze and assess clinical situations. Being able to determine when the neurohumoral response is compensating for or complicating a disease process is an essential skill for the critical care nurse(More)
It is apparent that the effects of viral respiratory infections on the development of airway hyperresponsiveness are multiple and interrelated and involved the production of viral specific IgE, upregulation of leukocyte inflammatory activity, enhancement of the factors involved in the generation of late phase allergic responses, altered beta-adrenergic and(More)
Progressive or recurrent left ventricular outflow tract obstruction after a previous Mustard or Senning operation represents a rare but challenging problem. The obstruction can be resected in some patients, but abnormal attachment of the mitral valve or a long fibromuscular tunnel represents a difficult surgical problem. Between 1979 and 1993, we(More)