Josef Stadler

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Both in vitro and in vivo evidence indicate that cAMP-dependent protein kinase (PKA) mediates some of the acute and chronic cellular responses to alcohol. However, it is unclear whether PKA regulates voluntary alcohol consumption. We therefore studied alcohol consumption by mice that completely lack the regulatory IIbeta (RIIbeta) subunit of PKA as a result(More)
Inflammatory stimulation of the liver leads to the induction of nitric oxide (NO) biosynthesis. Because NO binds to the catalytic heme moiety of cytochromes P450 (CYPs), we investigated whether NO interferes with specific CYP-dependent metabolic pathways. In a first experimental approach V79 Chinese hamster cells genetically engineered for stable expression(More)
Although IL-1 is an important modulator of chondrocyte metabolism, the postreceptor events triggered by IL-1 remain obscure. The present study shows that IL-1 induces the biosynthesis of nitric oxide (.N = O) by articular chondrocytes. Synthesis of .N = O is also induced by LPS. Other inflammatory mediators such as IFN-gamma, fibroblast growth factor, and(More)
Although direct cytotoxicity is a well-established phenomenon of tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF alpha)-induced tissue damage, the intracellular events leading to cell death are still poorly understood. To study the cytotoxic effects of TNF alpha on normal parenchymal cells, rat hepatocytes were purified and incubated with various concentrations of TNF(More)
The aim of this study was to compare and improve standard methods to determine nitrite (NO2-), nitrate (NO3-) and S-nitrosothiol (RSNO) levels in cell culture supernatants, sera, and urine. We modified the conventional Griess reaction by replacing sulfanilamide with dapsone (4,4'-diamino-diphenylsulfone) and compared the NO2- levels in our study samples(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether circular plastic wound edge protectors (CWEPs) significantly reduce the rate of surgical site infections (SSIs) in comparison to standard surgical towels in patients undergoing laparotomy. BACKGROUND SSIs cause substantial morbidity, prolonged hospitalization, and costs and remain one of the most frequent surgical(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine the potential of interleukin-13 (IL-13) to modify in vitro lipopolysaccharide-induced monocyte-macrophage (MO) activity in human cells from individuals who had sustained either major mechanical or burn injury and to investigate whether the effect of IL-13 is different on MOs that have been preactivated under traumatic stress than on(More)
Cardiac hypertrophy and heart failure are frequently accompanied by elevated plasma levels of tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF alpha), the pathogenetic relevance of this finding being a matter of debate. In human acute septic cardiomyopathy, on the other hand, the negative inotropic impact of TNF alpha on the heart is well documented and frequently ascribed(More)
Most studies of liver regeneration have been restricted to small animals because of the cost of assessment of DNA synthesis by the standard method of thymidine incorporation in vivo. This paper presents the use of thymidine kinase as an inexpensive measure of regeneration in large animals. The use of the large model is advantageous because of the(More)