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Measurements of parity-violating longitudinal analyzing powers (normalized asymmetries) in polarized proton-proton scattering provide a unique window on the interplay between the weak and strong interactions between and within hadrons. Several new proton-proton parity violation experiments are presently either being performed or are being prepared for(More)
This paper reports on the current situation in weed vegetation composition on arable land in selected areas of the Czech Republic, assessment of influence of selected variables: applied management systems (conventional, organic), crops (winter cereals, root crops) and altitude and ranking of the importance of these particular factors. A phytocoenological(More)
  • M J R V I E U X, D H Beck, +22 authors W Zieglerl
  • 2010
The tensor polarization of the recoil deuteron in elastic electron-deuteron scattering has been measured at the Bates Linear Accelerator Center at three values of four-momentum transfer, Q = 3.78, 4.22, and 4.62 fm-', corresponding to incident electron energies of 653, 755, and 853 MeV. The scattered electrons and the recoil deuterons were detected in(More)
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