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1. The reversal potential of the surround response in cones was measured by inactivating the outer segment, polarizing the cone to different potential levels with extrinsic current, and flashing a full-field stimulus. This elicited a 3- to 4-mV depolarizing response at the normal -40-mV dark level. Its reversal potential was typically near -60 mV. 2. Cones(More)
Textural segmentation plays an important role in the figure-ground discrimination process. Evidence from neuroscience and psychophysics suggests that the segregation of texture patterns composed of oriented line segments is strongly influenced by the orientation contrast between the patterns (Nothdurft, Vision Res. 31, 1073-1078, 1991). In contrast to(More)
We studied lateral interactions between horizontal cells in the tiger salamander retina in order to determine the underlying mode of synaptic transmission. Pairs of cells, visually identified by inspection of the in vitro retinal slices, were impaled with two separate electrodes and the transmission between them was examined by injecting current into one(More)