Josef Schreiber

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Spontaneous size changes of small unilamellar vesicles with initial mean diameters of 25 nm measured by quasi-elastic light scattering (QELS) and electron microscopy are reported. After the size conversion the vesicles have mean diameters of about 70 nm and are of the unilamellar and multilamellar type. The fact that auto-oxidation initiates this process is(More)
Laboratory- and field-scale purification tests of raw and diluted winery wastewater (WWW) were carried out using aquatic plants at high organic loads. The laboratory tests were performed using artificial light at 1800 to 1900 lux. The objective of the current study was to define the potential of floating and emergent aquatic macrophytes and the(More)
On-line monitoring of key chemicals in an industrial production plant ensures economic operation, guarantees the desired product quality, and provides additional in-depth information on the involved chemical processes. For that purpose, rapid, rugged, and flexible measurement systems at reasonable cost are required. Here, we present the application of a(More)
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