Josef Schreiber

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On-line monitoring of key chemicals in an industrial production plant ensures economic operation, guarantees the desired product quality, and provides additional in-depth information on the involved chemical processes. For that purpose, rapid, rugged, and flexible measurement systems at reasonable cost are required. Here, we present the application of a(More)
Electron spin resonance studies on healthy and tumorous human lung samples have been conducted in order to determine possible differences in free radical concentration and shaped of the spectra between the different sections of the lung. It could be shown that in healthy lung tissue the signal caused by the semidehydroascorbate (SDA) radical is not(More)
The electron microprobe microanalyser has been used to measure the concentrations of Ca, P and S in the predentine of young rat incisors. The specimens were prepared as alcohol embedded ultrathin sections, unfixed vacuum embedded dry cut ultrathin sections and as thin cryostat sections. The results show the influence of preparation on the measured(More)
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