Josef Schmidhuber

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This article reviews the potential impacts of climate change on food security. It is found that of the four main elements of food security, i.e., availability, stability, utilization, and access, only the first is routinely addressed in simulation studies. To this end, published results indicate that the impacts of climate change are significant, however,(More)
Josef Schmidhuber Global Perspectives Studies Unit Economic and Social Department Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Tel: (39) 06 570-56264 E-mail: Prakash Shetty Nutrition Planning, Assessment and Evaluation Service Economic and Social Department Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Tel:(More)
OBJECTIVE Our objective in this paper is to assess diets in the European Union (EU) in relation to the recommendations of the recent World Health Organization/Food and Agriculture Organization expert consultation and to show how diets have changed between 1961 and 2001. DATA AND METHODS Computations make use of FAOSTAT data on food availability at country(More)
Growing crops for bio-fuels is often criticized because of its direct competition for land for food production. The recent price increases on world food markets are partly a result of this competition. For instance, cereals prices have increased by more than 60% percent since 2005 and in 2006 sugar prices peaked on a level twice as high as the level of(More)
Obesity is recognized as a serious problem in the industrialized and developed countries of the world. However, little attention is paid to the fact that obesity is becoming an increasing problem in developing countries too, with some countries showing increasing rates of obesity in the midst of the persisting occurrence of childhood malnutrition and(More)
BACKGROUND Although the rising pandemic of obesity has received major attention in many countries, the effects of this attention on trends and the disease burden of obesity remain uncertain. METHODS We analyzed data from 68.5 million persons to assess the trends in the prevalence of overweight and obesity among children and adults between 1980 and 2015.(More)
Growing concern with diet-health relationships in the developed world reflects the enormous and mounting economic and social costs of cancer, diabetes and cardio-vascular disease and the recognition that their incidence is closely related to diets, often through the intermediation of obesity, which is also linked to exercise and other aspects of lifestyle.(More)
A large and growing share of the world’s poor lives under conditions in which high hazard risk coincides with high vulnerability. In the last decade, natural disasters claimed 79,000 lives each year and affected more than 200 million people, with damages amounting to almost US $ 70 billion annually. Experts predict that disasters will become even more(More)
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