Josef Scharinger

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The aim of this paper is to show security measures for NFC (Near Field Communication) use cases and devices. We give a brief overview over NFC technology and evaluate the implementation of NFC in devices. Out of this technology review we derive different use cases and applications based on NFC technology. Based on the use cases we show assets and interfaces(More)
Near Field Communication’s card emulation mode is a way to combine smartcards with a mobile phone. Relay attack scenarios are well-known for contactless smartcards. In the past, relay attacks have only been considered for the case, where an attacker has physical proximity to an NFC-enabled mobile phone. However, a mobile phone introduces a significantly(More)
This paper presents an approach to probabilistic active perception planning for scene modeling in cluttered and realistic environments. When dealing with complex, multi-object scenes with arbitrary object positions, the estimation of 6D poses including their expected uncertainties is essential. The scene model keeps track of the probabilistic object(More)
In this paper the replacement of a lost learning function of rats through a computer-based real-time recording and feedback system is shown. In an experiment two recording electrodes and one stimulation electrode were implanted in an anesthetized rat. During a classical-conditioning paradigm, which includes tone and airpuff stimulation, biosignals were(More)
A Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) provides a completely new output pathway that can provide an additional option for a person to express himself/herself if he/she suffers a disorder like amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), brainstem stroke, brain or spinal cord injury or other diseases which impair the function of the common output pathways which are(More)
Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs) have been used to assist people with impairments since many years. In most of these applications the BCI is intended to substitute functions the user is no longer able to perform without help. For example BCIs could be used for communication and for control of devices like robotic arms, wheelchairs or also orthoses and(More)
In the past there have been several attempts to apply the field of deterministic chaos to cryptography. In this paper we propose for cryptographic applications to use maps as state transition function of a discrete dynamical system which leads to deterministic chaos. More specifically, we make use of generalized versions of the well-known baker transform,(More)