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The aeronautic industry is strongly interested in utilizing the automotive FlexRay protocol. Economic benefits to be derived from the automotive mass market, and technological benefits arising from to the deterministic communication behavior are projected. The physical layer of the protocol is customized to suit automotive applications. The topology of(More)
One of the major tasks in the future of aircraft inflight entertainment is to provide wireless connectivity throughout the cabin. In this work an optical OFDM modulation scheme for cellular network architecture is investigated in comparison to other conventional optical modulation techniques (PPM, OOK). An analysis of efficient cabin link layout with(More)
The state of development of optical devices has led to increased interest in high data rate wireless optical communication schemes that today constitute a viable alternative to conventional wireless technologies for information exchange. In this work, a high data rate wireless optical link, based on OFDM modulation, conventional laser diodes and large area(More)
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