Josef S. Bringas

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The purposes of this study were to: (1) assess myocardial pyruvate dehydrogenase (PDH) activity and substrate exchange under well-perfused and ischemic conditions; (2) determine the metabolic effects of an intra-coronary infusion of the PDH activator, dichloroacetate (DCA); and (3) measure the effects of ischemia and DCA on malonyl CoA levels. Experiments(More)
OBJECTIVE Malonyl CoA is an important regulator of fatty acid oxidation in the heart secondary to its ability to inhibit carnitine palmitoyltransferase 1 (CPT 1). Malonyl CoA is produced from acetyl CoA in a reaction catalyzed by acetyl CoA carboxylase (ACC). In this study we determined if alterations in malonyl CoA regulation of fatty acid metabolism are(More)
Objectives. To compare the ability of endodontists to determine the size of apical pathological lesions and select the most appropriate choice of treatment based on lesions' projected image characteristics using 2 D and 3 D images. Study Design. Twenty-four subjects were selected. Radiographic examination of symptomatic study teeth with an intraoral(More)
INTRODUCTION The purpose of this bench top evidence level 5 in vitro study was to compare the cytotoxic effect of 2 brands of white mineral trioxide aggregate cement (ProRoot MTA and MTA-Angelus), Brasseler EndoSequence Root Repair Material, and Brasseler EndoSequence Root Repair Putty by using human dermal fibroblasts. METHODS The cells were cultured in(More)
INTRODUCTION The purpose of this in vitro study was to compare the cytotoxicity of white mineral trioxide aggregate cement (AMTA, MTA-Angelus), Brasseler Endosequence Root Repair Putty (ERRM), Dycal, and Ultra-blend Plus (UBP) by using human dermal fibroblasts and a 3-(4,5-dimethylthiazol-2-yl)-2,5-diphenyltetrazolium bromide (MTT) assay. METHODS Cultured(More)
INTRODUCTION We investigated the direct and residual antibacterial effects of intracanal antimicrobials against bacterial biofilms obtained from infected mature and immature teeth with necrotic pulps. METHODS Sterile dentin slabs (n = 100) were inoculated with bacterial biofilms obtained from root canals of an immature or a mature tooth with pulpal(More)
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