Josef Polak

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The prevalence of hypertension in African Americans (AAs) is higher than in other US groups; yet, few have performed genome-wide association studies (GWASs) in AA. Among people of European descent, GWASs have identified genetic variants at 13 loci that are associated with blood pressure. It is unknown if these variants confer susceptibility in people of(More)
This paper proposes two circuits of frequency-controlled oscillators, whose structures are based only on simple commercially available active elements with minimum number of terminals, in particular, the differential voltage buffer, controllable B Roman Sotner Jan Jerabek Lukas Langhammer(More)
This paper presents a newly developed active device, referred to as a multiplied input differential difference amplifier (MIDDA), which allows operations of summation/subtraction and multiplication of input signals. It was designed and fabricated using I3T25 0.35 μm ON (ON Semiconductor, Phoenix, AZ, USA) Semiconductor technology. The achieved results,(More)
Proposal of a fractional (1+α)-order low-pass filter is presented in this paper. The proposed filter operates in the current-mode and it is designed using multi-output current followers (MO-CFs) and adjustable current amplifiers (ACAs). The filter possesses ability to electronically control its order and also the pole frequency. Verification of(More)
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