Josef Pochodzalla

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First measurements of the Collins and Sivers asymmetries of charged hadrons produced in deep-inelastic scattering of muons on a transversely polarized 6LiD target are presented. The data were taken in 2002 with the COMPASS spectrometer using the muon beam of the CERN SPS at 160 GeV/c. The Collins asymmetry turns out to be compatible with zero, as does the(More)
The COMPASS experiment at the CERN SPS has studied the diffractive dissociation of negative pions into the π- π- π+ final state using a 190  GeV/c pion beam hitting a lead target. A partial wave analysis has been performed on a sample of 420,000 events taken at values of the squared 4-momentum transfer t' between 0.1 and 1  GeV2/c2. The well-known(More)
Recent evidence for pentaquark baryons is critically reviewed in the light of new high statistics data. The search of the WA89 experiment for the Ξ(1860) is presented in detail and consequences of its non-observations are discussed. 1 The Myth of Sisyphus Giving these days a talk on pentaquarks or even worse writing afterwards a report for the proceedings(More)
New precise results of a measurement of the elastic electron-proton scattering cross section performed at the Mainz Microtron MAMI are presented. About 1400 cross sections were measured with negative four-momentum transfers squared up to Q² = 1 (GeV/c)² with statistical errors below 0.2%. The electric and magnetic form factors of the proton were extracted(More)
Josef Pochodzalla, Lech Mankiewicz, Murray Moinester, Gunther Piller , Andrzej Sandacz, Marc Vanderhaeghen Max-Planck-Institut für Kernphysik, 69029 Heidelberg, Germany Physics Department, Technical University Munich, D-85747 Garching, Germany School of Physics and Astronomy, R. and B. Sackler Faculty of Exact Sciences, Tel Aviv University, 69978 Ramat(More)
We report the first observation of the Ξπ decay mode of the Ξ(1690), confirming the existence of this resonance. The Ξ(1690) were produced by Σ− of 345 GeV/c mean momentum in copper and carbon targets. The mass and width are close to those observed earlier for the Ξ−(1690) in the ΛK− decay channel. The product of inclusive production cross section and(More)
A massive, but light, Abelian U(1) gauge boson is a well-motivated possible signature of physics beyond the standard model of particle physics. In this Letter, the search for the signal of such a U(1) gauge boson in electron-positron pair production at the spectrometer setup of the A1 Collaboration at the Mainz Microtron is described. Exclusion limits in(More)
CERN experiment WA89 has studied charmed particles produced by a Σ beam at 340GeV/c on nuclear targets. Production of particles which have light quarks in common with the beam is compared to production of those which do not. Considerable production asymmetries between D and D+, D−s and D + s and Λc and Λc are observed. The results are compared with pion(More)