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The goal of the Swiss-Tx project is to develop, build and install the first Swiss tera-flop supercomputer called Swiss-T2, which is mainly based on commodity parts. Only the communication hardware and communication software is custom-made, because available off-the-shelf products, such as Ethernet with the socket interface, do not offer the necessary(More)
Work and recovery pulse were measured with 22 female workers doing heavy work. The proposed limit of capacity under continuous operating conditions of 25 work pulses was surpassed by 10 of the 22 workers. Recovery pulse made it possible to detect illness in two cases and correlates significantly with the total duration of relaxing operation. Similar results(More)
In the ergonomic assessment of work in 14 large laundries, it is primarily constrained posture due to working conditions and uniform overstrain that are highlighted objectively. Accordingly common are complaints about back problems, leg pain, severe fatigue, headache and nervousness (42-70%). The added work difficulties most objected to include heat (rate(More)
According to the present study, in addition to the high accident rate, work in the building trade is characterized by intense muscle strain and constrained physical posture. In bricklaying, for example, a worker moves by hand up to seven tons of stone per shift. Consequently, various health complaints occur far more frequently in this occupation than in the(More)
By means of inquiry and work place inspection health and ergonomic problems of jobs on diverse cash register systems were investigated, taking into account larger shopping centers as well as smaller self-service shops in various parts of Switzerland. A lot of work place inconveniences, e.g. current of air = 62%, tiresome goods handling = 31%, limited scope(More)
The present article reports on the interrelation between the working man and his work conditions. The knowledge of ergonomics can be used in the field of working security. Connections between working security on one hand and fatigue and its causes on the other have been presented. Furthermore environmental factors at the work place and interrelations(More)
The effects of unfavorably assembled machinery on the workers was analyzed in a spinning-mill. Simple ergonomical methods were used such as: evaluation of the working process, of the movements, measurement of working heights, grasping space, dislocated weights, resistance to operating elements, length of lifting way. The workers were interrogated on their(More)