Josef Luetzeler

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Pyran copolymer (NSC 46015) therapy markedly enhanced host resistance to a murine lung carcinoma (M109) implanted s.c. Multiple dose schedules were not significantly better than single doses at increasing lifespan. Although tumor necrosis was much more extensive in the lesions of pyran-treated mice, pyran copolymer was not directly toxic to M109 cells in(More)
The replicative cycle ofherpesvirus ateles, strain 73 (HVA-73), was examined in the electron microscope and compared to that of other herpesviruses known to be oncogenic. A relatively slow replicative cycle of HVA-73 in owl monkey kidney (OMK) cells allowed us to distinguish cytoplasmic and nuclear stages of replication, comprising virus uptake, transport,(More)
Ten patients with disseminated cancer were given intravenous injections of 0.2 ml/kg (40 mg l/kg) of the experimental contrast material EOE 13. Ct scans of the liver and spleen were taken prior to and 30 minutes after contrast infusion. Visualization of the liver was significantly improved in 5, moderately improved in 3, and not appreciably improved in 2.(More)
Pyran copolymer (NSC-46015) was compared with five maleic anhydride-divinyl ether copolymers (MVEs) of narrow molecular weight range both for the ability to render macrophages nonspecifically tumoricidal and to retard the development of artificially induced metastases. All MVEs were found effective at activating macrophages in vivo, although the optimal(More)
Treatment of normal BALB/c mice i.p. with a number of adjuvants, including pyran copolymer, the copolymer of polyinosinic and polycytidylic acids, Bacillus Calmette-Guérin, glucan, and dextran sulfate, rendered macrophages nonspecifically cytostatic for syngeneic tumor cells. Macrophage activation was highly dose dependent. The validity of the inhibition of(More)
An adult owl monkey (Aotus tricirgatus) used for immunologic studies of Herpesvirus saimiri (HVS) developed early, late, membrane, and neutralizing antibodies to HVS approximately 3 weeks after the beginning of the experiment. HVS was isolated by the cocultivation of peripheral blood for over 1 year. No clinical, gross, or histopathologic findings of(More)
Immunologically induced T-cell lymphomas were kept for long periods of time in isotransplantation and in tissue culture. Initially, a certain number of cells within the tumor showed differentiation towards histiocytes. These disappeared completely after about the twentieth graft generation when the tumor changed toward a more atypical and more uniform(More)
A small fraction of patients with cystic fibrosis (CF) survive to adulthood with exceptionally mild pulmonary impairment, in marked contrast to the usual natural history of CF. 6 young adults with CF with a high clinical score were studied to assess lung function, roentgenography, bacteriology, and the distribution of ventilation and perfusion. 1 such(More)
We report a case of choledochal cyst accompanied by an adenoid gallbladder carcinoma, in an adult patient. Diagnosis was complicated by coexisting primary hyperparathyroidism. In view of the pathological laboratory tests, which suggested acute pancreatitis, the visualized cystic abdominal mass was regarded as a pancreatic pseudocyst. Neither ultrasound nor(More)